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The BondGirls Escorts – Tantric Masseuses

Tantric practices are over 5000 years old, but today Western development has directed the age old techniques into the ultimate way to develop sexual ecstasy. Several of our escorts are trained in the Tantric arts and can lead you into an experience unparalled by any other; realizing a level which continues to peak giving a prolonged ecstatic pleasure. Rather than a brief moment of orgasm the Tantric escort will take you on a slow burn, but one which builds in intensity and depth bringing the most profound and long lasting gratification you may ever have enjoyed.

The skilled exponents of a true sexual Tantric experience takes you to planes of pleasure that are so much more than just the normal sensual massage with a happy ending; rather they expand the sexual energy over an extended period of time engaging each and every one of the five senses, each involved in creating not a localized sensation but one that engulfs the whole body.

For those that have not experienced a Tantric session before this will be a revelation of sensation, in the hands of a truly gifted Tantric masseuse who gives exceptional attention to satisfying your desires both in mind and body.

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