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The BondGirls Escorts – Duo

Whilst James Bond is never seen to have the extreme pleasure of a two girl experience on screen, or in print, there are some passing allusions to him enjoying two woman together, particularly in From Russia With Love with the gypsy girls; we do feel sure that clearly he would have been well acquainted with this idea and probably an avid advocate of the threesome.

It is the dream, the erotic fantasy of most men, but one that surprisingly few ever realise. Not all escorts are available for this special liaison, just a select number who are genuinely comfortable with Duo scenarios. Currently at The Bond Girls Manchester there are bi sexual escorts who love to play this way and are available for some two girl action for the guys who want to really discover exactly how good this can be. A great chance to tick another item off the bucket list....especially when it is such fun!

As with any important decision it is essential to put some serious thought into the matter and getting the balance right is the first essential. The two girls have to be interested in each other and may already have spent some time together for their own amusement; they need that mutual empathy and then the generosity of spirit to know just when to turn their attention onto their eager male accomplice. Some gentlemen who enjoy a two girl encounter like to play with the contrast of their two partners, maybe one blonde and one brunette, or one black escort and one white. All things which can add to that extra frisson of the love triangle.

For the gentleman there are so many things happening, it is an incredible turn on to watch two girls together and when they both turn on him he will be lost in a myriad of hands, fingers, lips, tongues and bodies that seem to mingle around him in creating ever more complex forms. This is the extreme of pleasure that he has dreamed of, but the realisation is more intense than he dared think possible, the sensations compounded and multiplied by more than the power of two. This is as near to absolute bliss as he has ever been.

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