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The BondGirls Escorts – Toys

If you want to add that extra ingredient to any escort date then ask her to bring along some toys. It opens up a world of play that for some reason is an area that can go unexplored by some gentlemen with an escort, but when they discover the fun that can be added to any scenario, then let this new playfulness begin! Many escorts love sex toys and know that offering their partners a choice from their little bag of pleasures will make the sexual experience even more adventurous. Of course, all escorts have their own collection of favourite adult sex toys, but regular clients love to buy a surprise vibrating gift for their top escort as a special treat!

If this area of sensuality is not something you have explored with your chosen escort before, then you are in for nothing less than a revelation. Whether she is using a vibrator on herself and you are watching her reach orgasm, something which drives must clients wild and makes her even hornier, or you are using it on her yourself, or you are both enjoying masturbation and foreplay together, this is the sure-fire way to ramp up pleasure for both of you. Just like any other form of enjoyment there are lots of variations of the simple term “sex toys”. They are not all for penetration, but all are designed to increase the levels of orgasm and satisfaction; from cock rings to butt plugs, anal beads to whips and paddles! Not forgetting restraints, from handcuffs to bondage ropes made from silk ropes to ribbons which turn out to be stronger than they look of course.

Talking about using adult toys with your escort is not something to shy away from, she will have lots of ideas about how the two of you can warm up any session and she may invite you to browse her collection and maybe she will turn one of her special numbers onto you! After all you have decided to make this an exploration of previously untasted pleasures and men and women have been playing with sex toys through hundreds of years as a way of discovering more about their partners and themselves. Your sexual fantasies are simply waiting to be realised, dominant or submissive your sex toy escort will show you how to add another dimension to what is already your favourite pastime.

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