Would James Bond Use An Escort?

Would James Bond Use An Escort?

You are having a good time with manchester escorts from the Bond Girls, aren't you? Do you think would James Bond use an escort as well?

Well, when you think about James Bond, one of the last things you might think of is an escort. After all, hot girls pop up wherever he goes, and they're just about always ready to hop into bed with him. Whether it's Pussy Galore, Mary Goodnight, the golden Jill Masterson or Honey Ryder, Bond always got everything he wanted -- and more -- out of every tryst. And the best part is that he just about always walked away without any complications (well, with the exception of Vesper Lynd, whose murder inspired the violence behind a whole movie by itself).

Of course, many Bond girls turned out to be devious, which ended up making things even trickier for 007. But if Bond can always find action whenever he wants it -- and it even ends up finding him when he's not necessarily looking for it -- would he really hire an escort?

Actually, we think he would, and here are some reasons why.

1. Escorts are a lot less likely to have a connection with a global super-villain.

Whether he was shopping online or using a phone number to hire an escort, Bond wouldn't have to worry about the girl who showed up to have a secret affinity for Goldfinger or Dr. No. He wouldn't have to check her purse for a gun or a stiletto knife, and he wouldn't have to sniff his drink for some cyanide. Instead, he could just relax and enjoy himself.

2. Escorts don't want any emotional energy in return.

While this is also true about a lot of Bond girls, there are also some cases in which the girls wanted the whole dream from 007, but he simply wasn't ready to provide it. Consider the case of poor Miss Moneypenny, who pines after Bond but can never have him. He would never have to put up with those sorts of emotional expectations from a hired escort. He could just have his fun and then get on his way.

3. Bond wouldn't have to carry out a casino miracle in order to have his fun.

How many movies have featured Bond in some sort of high-stakes card game with the girl somewhere around? Playing poker or blackjack can be extremely stressful. While working off that stress with the Bond girl later on certainly looks fun on screen, can't Bond ever have a night away from all of those expected performances? An escort would give him a night to do whatever he wanted without having to foil a plot or defeat an evil mastermind first.

An escort would fulfil all of Bond's criteria for a girl (sexy, available, no strings attached), and she would likely be less expensive than some of those gowns and jewels he ends up buying for girls in the movies. We think an escort would be perfect for an occasional fling, 007.