How to Live Life like a Playboy

How to Live Life like a Playboy

If there was ever a man who embodies the concept of a ‘Playboy’ it has to be James Bond, agent 007. The charming, sophisticated spy lives life to the fullest with a devil may care attitude. The man lives hard and fast - quite literally speeding around in exotic cars and charming bond girls out of their clothes at every turn. James Bond is what women want, and thus what men want to be. So, what makes Mr. Bond the Ultimate Playboy and how can ordinary men mimic his lifestyle? Let’s take a look.

Dress the part

Confidence is a big part of being James Bond, and there are few things that make you feel more confident than being well dressed. Clothes don't make the man, but they certainly do help. Not only will they help you impress women and make approaching them much easier, you will feel good about yourself and much less insecure when interacting with them.

Wear clothing that suits you. It doesn't have to be wildly expensive, but it should showcase your best features and make you look interesting and sophisticated. Even if you keep it simple, try accenting it with a nice overcoat or a blazer.

Learn a Martial Art

Taking up a martial art isn't going to give you Bond's deadly reflexes or physique, but it will certainly make you feel more manly and confident. Learning to fight will make you much more secure in your masculinity and will also help you to get into shape, and build up stamina. All of these things are going to be important on your path to wowing the ladies. You can train on your own, go to a gym or learn from a real instructor, just make sure you are doing some sort of training.

Become an a Man of the World

Part of Bond's charm is the fact he is both sophisticated and well-travelled. He presents as interesting, mysterious and cultured as a result. You may not have the money to go jetting around the world, but try to take the time out to travel even if it’s just out of town a few times a year. Stay at hotels and be sure to go down to bar and flirt with the women and practice your charms. Who knows, you may just succeed - and there's an empty bedroom upstairs just waiting to be broken in!

Sleep with Exotic Women

Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. One of the reasons that James Bond is so confident seducing women is his vast amount of experience on the subject, and his success in doing so. If you don't have that in your favour there is a very simple shortcut, date escorts. Hire beautiful and exotic ladies and just be straightforward with them. Tell them that you want to be a better lover and learn how to seduce women, but you're inexperienced. Not only will they be more than willing to help you build up your experience and skills, but they will appreciate the honesty and be sure to show you a good time. Having slept with a few exotic, beautiful women, and after learning from professionals, you will feel much less insecure about sex in general and interacting with women.

Adopt Some Bond Habits

James Bond has some very interesting habits that add a bit of spice and excitement to life. Bond is fond of drinking, gambling and working out. There are very few Bond films in which he is not going for a swim or a jog at some point. These habits put you in scenarios where you may meet women in a context that makes you look interesting or attractive, while also being enjoyable pastimes anyway.

The most important part of being a playboy and living the Bond lifestyle is to remember, to take risks and enjoy yourself as much as possible, no matter what you are doing. Despite the film title, in reality, you only live once.