Why Miss Moneypenny Would Make an Amazing Esc

Why Miss Moneypenny Would Make an Amazing Esc

Nearly every man alive has fantasised about a ‘Bond Girl’ at some point in their lives. Bond girls are intelligent, beautiful and exude sensuality. Each one of our sexy Manchester Escorts is an intelligent and sexy Bond Girl. They represent the ultimate fantasy experience. In seeing an escort many men try to create or recreate their fantasies, whether they are romantic or purely sexual. It is that sense of fantasy and wish fulfilment that is so much more appealing than the mere act of sex. In many cases the ‘tease’ and sense of anticipation while knowing it is in fact a ‘sure thing’ can make it even more exciting. In that regard, Miss Moneypenny would certainly be an amazing escort. It's hard to believe, considering his impeccable taste in women, that Mr. Bond passed on her, or could resist her charms.

Moneypenny is the ultimate fantasy woman

The bond films have had many beautiful actresses portray the character of Miss Moneypenny, but the character herself is very consistent. Regardless of which version of Moneypenny you find more physically appealing, it’s who she actually that is that is enticing. Moneypenny is a flirt, and a damn good one. She is witty, charming and very bold in making her interest in a man very clear. It's these seductive qualities that would make the encounter stimulating from start to finish.

Moneypenny is a seductress

One of the most important parts of seduction is to make the other person feel desirable. They have to feel that you want them, and a talented escort could convince a man that she would gladly be with him for free. Moneypenny has the personality and ability to flirt aggressively in order to create this fantasy. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say so, or go after it. She takes what she wants.

Moneypenny is a danger girl

The James Bond films also show us that dangerous women are attractive, and though in most of her scenes she is portrayed as a secretary, Moneypenny is no stranger to danger. In Skyfall where she is portrayed by Naomie Harris, we find out that she is a former field agent – further adding to her mystique.

So in addition to being beautiful, charming and seductive she is also in peak physical condition. Moneypenny is the complete package. She is more than capable of not only seducing a man and making him feel wanted, but also she can clearly put him through his paces given the chance. The fact that she is a trained killer somehow instantly manages to make her more attractive too.

Moneypenny is incredibly sexy

Bond Girls have been sex symbols from the very beginning, but out of all of them Moneypenny has endured. Much of her sex appeal comes from the fact she is a tease and a flirt. These qualities create the sense that she is out of reach when she really isn't. Most of the actresses who have played the part have portrayed her as an uninhibited woman who doesn't have much of life outside of work, but is full of life and lustful desire. She is seen as a woman just waiting to unleash her sexual frustrations on the right lucky man. Teasing both us and Mr. Bond with this image is what has allowed her to endure as a sex symbol in all of her incarnations, and why out of any Bond Girl she would probably be the most amazing escort you could ever hope for.