Why 007 Would Make the Perfect Escort Client

Why 007 Would Make the Perfect Escort Client

Here at The Bond Girls, the best Manchester escorts, we not only provide the best escort services but also from time to time fantasies about what is it like to be a BondGirl. So here is another story we would like to share with our followers. We hope you enjoy it.

Mr. Bond! Charming, handsome, sophisticated and dangerous, there is no denying that James Bond is the living embodiment of a ladies man. All men want to be him and all women (including one self-professed lesbian) want to be with him. This is just the tip of the iceberg when considering why Mr Bond would be the perfect client. Whether dating everyday women or escorts, every man could learn from James Bond.

Classy is sexy

Suave is an understatement when describing James Bond. In addition to his elegant attire, the man just exudes class and charm. Casino Royal is primary example. When he orders his drink at the table, even though they don't know him, several of his competitors are so impressed with the calibre of the beverage he concocts they decide to order the same for themselves. Even delaying the poker game further to do so! This charisma, and ability to influence others, is an extremely attractive and desirable quality. Women love men who are natural leaders, sophisticated, with just the right amount of arrogance. A man that knows what he wants, who is confident and capable of asking for, and getting, it.

Looks can kill

One can argue that not every incarnation of James Bond has been ‘classically’ handsome; most were not even particularly tall or distinguishable. What they do have in common, however, is the fact that they are all in peak physical condition, and dress in a way that takes advantage of their body type. It's the packaging that makes Bond, who is on the surface the least exotic specimen in the world, attractive. The physique of a trained assassin is the biggest selling point here. It's not only impressive in the looks department, but it provides several advantages in bed.

Mr. Bond as a John

So we have a charming, sophisticated, good looking and well-built man, known for his discretion. Bond has also proven that he has a genuine interest in being an unselfish lover and pleasing women physically. Bond would be an ideal client because most women would already feel a sense of attraction to him, so they wouldn't have to fake their interest, for one thing. For another, Bond is experienced, very experienced. He knows how to please a woman and gives as good as he gets. It's rare that an escort enjoys the sex as much as the client, but in Bond's case it would almost be a guarantee. He has the experience, physique and stamina to please a woman physically and the charm and intelligence to be able to stimulate her mentally and emotionally. Bond is literally a man built for seduction.

As a member of her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond has considerable resources, so he can afford to be generous to a companion. Added to that, the nature of his job requires discretion as well as emotional detachment and professionalism. All of these things add up to Bond being the ideal client for an escort. Which is just as well, since his track record shows that he is not built for long term commitment. In fact, it’s the one thing that seems to be beyond his considerable abilities. After all, not even Mr Bond can be perfect.