Things You Should Never Say to an Escort

Things You Should Never Say to an Escort

While many punters disrespectfully see escorts as a ‘sure thing’ there are still some things that are guaranteed to ruin the mood if voiced aloud. We asked our Manchester escorts that what kind of conversations make you nervous during your dates and put together some of the weirdest questions in this article. Although, the thought of voicing any of the following terms to an individual in the profession is comical to say the least, the consequences can still be quite embarrassing for all concerned.

Think about it: would you like to get dumped by a paid date? Well, the following is a brief list of things that could result in just that. So, use your common sense and engage the brain before those lips start moving.

Is ‘Buffy’ your real name?

Okay, look. You are talking to an escort here. Did you hire her for a relationship or to get lucky? If it's not her real name, there is a reason. Ironically, you are only going to be intimate to a point. Call her by the name she gives you and leave it at that. While a little intimacy is nice, ultimately you are not trying to make friends here. You are trying to score.

Does your mother know what you do for a living?

This statement simply yells out, ‘Slap me!’ Two points should be made here: One, if her mother does know, what is that to you? Two, if her mother doesn't know, what is that to you? This is about professional date. This is a business transaction. Having a sexual relation does not make you buddies in this case. It makes you a client. Keep it on the level and keep it real.

You don't look like a prostitute

Gee thanks, really? Well, you should probably know that while she looks completely normal to you, you look just like a punter to her. Wise up and think about what you are saying.

I have lots of friends who are escorts

It is probably true that you are a bit nervous, no matter how many times you have done this, but the point here is not to break the ice, it is to get laid. She has lots of friends who are escorts too. This statement not only makes you look ignorant, but stupid as well. You are paying for this date and she is here for you; leave the ice in a block.

The reality of the situation is this: you are paying to spend time with a beautiful woman. If you are looking for a relationship, maybe you should consider joining a dating site. Otherwise, remember that she just wants to make a living and you just want a little company for the evening. If you become a regular and inevitably get to know each other better through business, so be it. You don't have to try so hard. It is bought and paid for. Think about the person you are with and what you are saying, and the evening will be much better for both of you.