5 Escort Myths De-Bunked

5 Escort Myths De-Bunked

Despite being the world's oldest profession, there is very little known about the inner workings of the escort industry and how the escort girls conduct their business. With its history shrouded in secrecy, many myths have arisen about escorts over the years.

The time has come to put the record straight. Today, we look at five myths that need to be challenged so that we can get the facts out there for everyone to see.

1. Escorts are uneducated

Many escorts are actually highly educated and intelligent. In fact, many of these women have attended university and have multiple degrees. They simply chose the escort profession for other reasons. These could be money, hours, or even the fact that they just so happen to enjoy the excitement of their chosen profession. Remember, escorts must interact with a wide range of people, all with varied backgrounds, and they must appear engaged with their clients too. Because of this, many escorts could be more educated than you might think.

2. Escorts can't hold down a regular job

More than likely you have been led to believe that all escorts are unstable and unreliable making them incapable of holding down a so called, ‘regular job’. The truth is many escorts are more than capable of holding down a day job and many of them do. In addition to escorting, many of the best escorts you will find work regular jobs during the day and supplement their income with escorting. In most cases, the ones that don't have a normal job simply don't have to because they make more than enough escorting and are smart enough to take care of their money properly so they don't have to work 9 to 5.

3. Escorts are all junkies

While it’s true that some escorts are into drugs, not all escorts are junkies looking for their next fix. In truth, some of the best escorts stay as far away from drugs as possible. When meeting clients, they don't want or need to be high. In fact, they need to be in control of their situation at all times. To that end, they stay clean and sober so they can provide a meaningful experience for you while remaining safe themselves at all times.

4. You will catch a disease

There is always a risk of catching an STD when you engage in casual sex, but many would have you believe that you are at an increased risk if you use the services of an escort. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The best escorts always insist on their clients being clean and they always use protection when engaging in sexual activity. In addition, escorts often get themselves regularly tested for potential diseases to ensure that they are safe, as well as their clients.

5. You won't meet a nice girl

While their profession might not be considered mainstream, that doesn't mean that all escorts are gold diggers that will rob you blind the first chance they get. In fact, most escorts are like everyone else. You will find that many are very empathetic and understanding and they will take great care to meet your needs when you visit them for a session.

With so many negative stereotypes and myths floating around about escorts, it can be quite easy to assume the worst about them. The fact is that many of them are simply not true. When you visit an escort you can expect a pleasant experience that will satisfy all your needs from the physical to the emotional. It is important to remember that despite what people might say, using the services of an escort is not something to be reviled, but something to embrace.