Hiring a Manchester Escort? Get the Terms Rig

Hiring a Manchester Escort? Get the Terms Rig

An increasing number of people now have jobs where they often have to work away. When you're constantly travelling from one hotel to another, it leaves little time for meeting people of the opposite sex. If you are far from home for example in Manchetser and don't know anyone in the this area then you may want to consider hiring an escort for the night from our elite selection of Manchester escorts. Before you make contact with your escort you might want to review some of the terminology that is used across the industry.


GFE is short for girlfriend experience and refers to a sex worker who will act like a girlfriend while on a date. Her services will include hugging and kissing as well as various sex acts. When a client chooses GFE he may decide to take the escort on a dinner date so that they can talk. Hugging, kissing and sex will generally happen later in the date if that is what the client wants.


CIM is short for the sexual practice of cum in mouth or oral sex to completion. Not all girls will provide this service so you would need to either look out for this in their ads or ask about it when you hire an escort.

• Russian

If you want an escort who comes from Russia, then it's best to be explicit about the fact that it’s the country of origin you are after. If you simply go for Russian then you could find yourself with an escort who is expecting you to want to be pleasured by engaging in breast sex. So be clear, otherwise getting the terms wrong could mean that you get an experience you weren't looking for.

• Greek

As above, if you want to hire an escort who hails from Greece you may have to double check. Greek is actually a term used within the industry for anal sex. Usually terms like Russian and Greek are worded in such a way that it doesn’t leave a lot of room for confusion, but it is worth double checking. Anal sex is also sometimes referred to as A-Level.


BBJ refers to oral sex or fellatio without a condom, sometimes it is also referred to as UTF or untranslated French. Again, this doesn't mean that a French escort, complete with beret, will arrive at your hotel suite!


BBFS refers to sexual intercourse without the use of a condom; it is nothing to do with best friends! Bareback full service is often offered as part of the GFE.


FBSM, or full body sensuous massage, is what you need to look out for if you want a full body massage with sensual or sexual touching and overtones.

This is just the tip of the escort terminology iceberg, and the list is always evolving. Make sure that you know what you are looking for so that you get the terms right, otherwise you could be in for a surprise!