be a bond girl

Start the weekend early

Amaya from 6pm till 1am
It is the weekend after all and when better time to treat yourself to something, or rather someone
extra special..... Amaya absolutely fits the description as she is extra special and then some!

Brandy from 9pm until 3am
Bubbly and with a naughty streak about her, Brandy is a cute young lady who is an experienced
Manchester Escort with more than a dash of pure class. That class gives a little extra edge to an all round sexy

Hope 2pm till midnight

Hope loves to give unhurried pleasure to gentlemen who like to treat themselves to the very best! Why settle for less than the best when there is Hope ready to spoil you??

Crystal 9.30 til 3am
A flirty Manchester Escort playmate, she loves to show you how lucky you are, making her even more
irresistible. Anyway who’s trying to fight temptation when Crystal is tempting!!

Elysa all day!!!
Sexy, sensual and desperately kissable, Elysa is a treat that really should not be missed. She is
definitely not the shy type and you will be exhilarated and aroused by her sensual massages.

Antonia all day!!!
Antonia looks a picture and can only be described as an explosive experience. For the guy who
feels that he deserves more she is available for a totally mind blowing threesome with another
Manchester Escort of your choice.

Julia all day!!!
Would you say that Julia has that extra something.......? Why it’s her highly charged sexual drive
showing through!! Julia is dynamite so let her light the fuse!!

Rosa all day!!!
With Rosa her sensual and sexy side is never far from the surface and she will be more than
happy to show you. Don’t miss your chance to show Rosa your sexy side tonight!

Ella all day!!!
Stand back, for you are about to have your socks knocked off because this babe is as horny as
hell! She has a devilishly naughty streak that is guaranteed to get your pulse racing!

Frankie all day!!!
All woman with a full breasted figure and a sexy behind; we can tell you that Frankie really
knows how to move that cute behind and her type of body goes so very well with her rather sexy

Annie from 3pm-12am
Time spent with Annie will leave a burning impression for she is seriously hot to trot! She has
the definite wow factor! Imagine how you will feel when she is yours??!!

Don’t forgot all you sexy boys in Yorkshire who are not interested in the Tour de France that
there are far better ways to spend those hours. Being in the saddle with Jasmine is much more