Five Things an Escort Would Love About James

Five Things an Escort Would Love About James

He's smooth. He's suave. He's utterly debonair. Secret agent 007 is loved by women all over the world for his mysterious nature, piercing stare, dashing good looks, and the way he commands attention whenever he enters a room. But a man like James Bond is busy jet setting around the globe at moment's notice to rid the world of evil — much too busy to commit to a regular girlfriend. Not only is James Bond an ideal candidate for hiring an escort for an evening, he'd also make an absolutely perfect client. Why? Well, there are many reasons. Here are five of the biggest.

• He's devastatingly handsome

While it's true that an escort can't really choose the physical attributes of her paying clients, it always helps when they're attractive. James Bond, though, is perhaps the epitome of the good looking gentleman. He's physically fit, has chiselled good looks, and looks amazing in a tuxedo. It is probably safe to assume that any woman would be proud to step out on the arm of 007, but when you're getting paid for the privilege of doing so, all the better.

• He will treat her like a lady

Servicing a client always carries with it a few risks. What will he like? What will turn him on? But with James Bond, there aren't any unpleasant surprises. He'll take you for a drink (always top shelf, of course) and make you feel beautiful. One of Bond's biggest vices — though some might say passion is a more appropriate word — is women, and any woman, escort or otherwise, would be drawn to his sexual prowess and magnetism.

• He's discreet

James Bond is a man of few words. Some clients might call unwanted attention to you, while others will tell exaggerated stories to their friends, raising their expectations and demeaning your existence. But they don't call 007 a secret agent for nothing. You can count on him to keep your interactions between you, him, and the four bedposts.

• He won't get attached

When a man has places to go, people to see, and evil transgressions to stop, he doesn't have time to form an annoying, unhealthy attachment to the woman who gave him an unforgettable Thursday night. While you can count on him to call you for a good time when he has the time to spare, you can rest assured that he won't delude himself into thinking he's falling in love with you.

• He'll never be a hassle with money

Some clients don't understand that quality doesn't come cheap. With Mr. Bond, however, that's never an issue. He's never one to shy away from paying for the finer things in life — and that includes his women. Awkward exchanges or negotiations are never part of the encounter, and that will always put a girl at ease.