The Gadget and the Lost Girl

The Gadget and the Lost Girl

James Bond parked his Bugatti outside of the Manchester apartment where one of his Manchester escorts for the evening resided. The two of them were to attend a charity event with the only motive being the observation of the much wanted female mastermind Cherry Brokein. Cherry was known for raising funds for legitimate causes, but she used the money to supply arms to Britain’s enemies and it was up to James to gather as much information as he could. Luckily he had with him a custom made cane, handmade in Malaysia specifically for him. A microphone safely embedded in gel-like bulbous base would record the audio, while a camera encased in the same substance was located in the handle, recording everything in sight. His date, Luscious Jones, was meant only as a distraction.

He and Luscious arrived fashionably late to the event, and proceeded to stay close to Cherry, making conversation, flirting, and even suggesting a bit of after-party fun with himself and his date. This, of course, grabbed the attention of Cherry from the very first word - although she was confused by the idea of waiting until the party was done. Within 30 minutes the three found themselves locked in an upstairs boudoir for fun and games.

Cherry was a sex addict, and when she opened a huge cabinet in the bedroom she revealed every possible toy that one could imagine. At this point, James had recorded everything he needed, and was anxious to begin the extracurricular fun and games. However, he pretended that nothing in the closet appealed to him in the slightest, the plan was on.

You see, the cane was a lot more than just a cane. This spy tool could knock any hardened pimp to his knees, but it was really made for pleasure, not pain. Built with the ability to please 2 women at once, its vibrating and spinning mechanism had the potential to send them through the roof over and over again. It had the power to do all of the things to a woman that Cherry had been searching for in her lifelong quest for the perfect sex toy.

In the end, James let Cherry keep the cane on one condition, she had to do right by the causes she claimed to be devoted to from now on in, or else the recordings of the evenings events may just fall into the wrong hands. There was, however, one problem. How was he going to get Luscious to leave with him? The cane had shown the two women that, in reality, they didn't even need him around. Luscious loved the fact that he gave the gadget to Cherry, and now she was staying put. The gadget had sealed it – it was time for a new sidekick. Bond always did have a way with the ladies, but his scientists are going to have to come up with something a bit more suited to the real job in hand next time around.