Would Pussy Galore Make it as an Escort?

Would Pussy Galore Make it as an Escort?

Aside from just her name, we think Pussy Galore would be one of the best excellent escort girls for many reasons. Pussy is one of the top ‘Bond Girls’ in history and that status is well earned thanks to her enduring sex appeal.

Why men find Pussy Galore so sexy?

Pussy Galore, as portrayed by Honor Blackman in the film Goldfinger, is a beautiful woman, but that is not the key to what makes her so sexy. Pussy Galore oozes sex appeal due to her glamour and sophistication. These qualities never go out of style or become unattractive. She also plays herself off as being nearly unobtainable.

Pussy Galore in the novels as well as in the film is initially a lesbian, or at least claims to be. For many men, seducing such a woman is fantasy in and of itself, and it also suggests that she may have been more adventurous sexually than most women.

In addition to her class, sophistication and stunning good looks, Pussy Galore like many Bond Girls was strong willed and aggressive. Women who are aggressive, especially when it comes to sex and sensuality, tend to be more exciting, vivacious and alluring.

Pussy Galore as an escort

As an escort Pussy Galore would be extremely high class, the type of woman that caters to gentlemen of standing. Physically, Pussy Galore is extremely attractive with exotic violet eyes, blond hair, full lips and shapely body. She is also very fit and strong and had experience working as a circus performer, so it's not a stretch to assume that she is extremely flexible. Giving her experience and abilities it is also clear that she is not lacking in stamina, which would tempt many men into seeing if she can live up to her not-so-subtle name.

There is also the fact that Pussy Galore is what one might call a ‘Danger Girl’. She is a bad girl turned good - and she is formidable both physically and intellectually. Men often enjoy a challenge and Pussy Galore more than fits the bill. Aggression and the subtle thrill of danger can be very attractive and exciting. Pussy Galore is not the kind of woman who would shirk at getting her hands, or anything else, a little dirty.

Another appealing aspect of Pussy Galore is her class and sophistication. They are qualities that help to set her apart from the common woman, and many other bond girls for that matter. This is part of what has allowed her to remain as a sex symbol for such a long period of time.

She would easily have the ability to attract a high class tier of clients, and she has more than enough skills in her considerable arsenal to keep them coming back for more. If a high class vixen that is more than capable of giving you the thrill of a lifetime is what you crave, then you couldn't ask for a better companion than Pussy Galore.