A Double Date with Bambi and Thumper

A Double Date with Bambi and Thumper

We are proud to provide high quality escort services here in Manchester and Liverpool area. Apart from that, as you know we also love talking about Bond stories on our blog. We have another story to share with you today.

They are your perfect Bond girls. First up is the beautiful, sexy Thumper who looks fantastic in her bright gold bikini and gold choker necklace. Then, there is Bambi. She’s the feisty one, nothing like the cute little fawn in the Disney movie. Bambi is a Cathy Gale type, dressed in a black one-piece with knee-high black leather laced boots. She has thighs like a vice which are used to attempt to choke 007 as they are not there to seduce him, but to kill him.

You see, knowing Bond only too well, the evil Blofeld has employed them to be his bodyguards in order to prevent 007 from reaching the reclusive Willard Whyte. James Bond is getting too near his prey and has reached the house where he thinks Mr Whyte is staying so he must be stopped. What better way to get rid of his deadly enemy than by targeting Bond's weak spot, beautiful women. The spy never lets his guard down when faced with male assassins, but he certainly cannot resist the charms of Bambi and Thumper.

Hardly having time for introductions the ladies throw themselves at him, not for sex but on a mission to kill 007 and get him out of Blofeld's life forever. Bambi swings from the ceiling beam, winding her legs round Bond's neck so he is held tightly while Thumper gives him a kick before they chuck him over the balcony into the swimming pool below. This is a big mistake. Bond never lets women get the better of him and in the water he regains control and holds them under until help arrives in the form of Felix Leiter, and the ladies are arrested.

However, if Bambi and Thumper were working as escorts instead of bodyguards James Bond would double-date them like a shot. When he walked into his room and found them waiting for him in Diamonds Are Forever, he thought someone had sent him a wonderful present. A double date with them would suit Mr. Bond very well, and he would be proud to walk into any room with one girl on each arm.

If he double-dated Bambi and Thumper where would he take them first? Obviously to a casino where the threesome would cause a stir as soon as they walked in, which is something that James Bond always enjoys. He would probably play the tables sitting next to Thumper while the sexy Bambi would entwine herself round his neck from behind. This would distract the other gamblers, but no-one dares challenge Mr Bond.

Once his pockets are full of chips it would be back to the room to bed his beauties. Thumper would be the most aggressive and would give him a rough sexual encounter, while Bambi would use her vice-like thighs to give him an exciting ride. The threesome would give him the most exciting night of his life – and when you are talking about someone like Bond, that’s certainly saying something.