Book Two Bond Girls for Double the Fun!

Book Two Bond Girls for Double the Fun!

One of the great things about the modern escort business is that plenty of the girls are more than happy to work with each other, making the ultimate fantasy experience more accessible than ever before. Most girls will state quite frankly on their profile if they're at least open to the idea of pairing up with a friend - so why not take the plunge and double the fun! You can book two of the most beautiful Manchester escorts from The Bond Girls as well.

The possible combinations are endless. Picture the scene, heading out for a night on the town with a beautiful blonde on each arm, or maybe a blonde/brunette combo, or a pair of enchanting Asians perhaps? What you can be certain of is that every guy you pass will be jealous, watching you stroll by with two beautiful women behaving in a besotted, enchanted way and hanging on your every word. Pretty cool, eh?

Making life easy

Perhaps the best and most popular reason why guys often prefer a 'duo service' is that, especially on the first date, it takes a little bit of the apprehension away for those who are new to the industry. Make no mistake the girls aren't going to be blethering on about shoes and makeup, they will be there to entertain you and you alone, but it can be easier to get chatting when there are two girls to bounce the words off. There's a good chance the ladies will know each other as well, so they will be entirely comfortable with each other.

When selecting an escort, plenty of guys also suffer from the dilemma of who to choose. It can be really quite a tricky call, and the great thing of taking two girls on a date is that you simply can't miss - and more often than not, after the date, it'll be impossible to decide upon a favourite. As with all escort dates, it's the guys call on where the date is heading over the course of the evening, and once terms are all agreed it's your decision where you go and what you get up to.

007 would be proud

Many chaps who decide to hire two ladies are tempted to go the whole way and book a full weekend experience; I mean who could blame them - just think about it. Turning up at a plush hotel with two stunners by your side, and catching the concierge’s eye when you say you just need a double room for the three of you! Surely that must be pretty much every guy's fantasy - pure James Bond territory!

Anyone who’s been there will vouch for the fact that there's no better experience as a man than the sheer sense of joyful achievement of taking two girls out for an evening and waking up to them both the next morning. Quite genuinely, it's an experience everyone needs to enjoy sometime in their life. In fact now I think about it, that's not a bad shout for my best mate's birthday present...