Bond Style Adventure With An Escort

Bond Style Adventure With An Escort

007 had just settled down in his room, after mixing himself a standard martini (shaken, not stirred, naturally). He was in a luxurious hotel, awaiting an operation the next day. However, for once, there were no villains crawling up the walls or through the air vents to get to his room, and he did not woo a woman at the downstairs bar to come up with him. Feeling a bit randy, he decided to book an escort and then he called the escort he knew in this part of the world. Even though it was snowing outside, she knew that the rewards would be rich, in more ways than one, so she hopped in a cab to come to him.

When the escort arrived, she was everything 007 remembered and more. Stepping out of her raincoat, she entered the room knowing that she would have Bond's full attention. Unlike many of the women Bond has encountered over the years, she was not hiding a stiletto anywhere on her person, and she did not plan to poison Bond's martini. She was just there to please him.

While matters upstairs were progressing nicely for 007, Miss Moneypenny entered the lobby of the hotel. Unbeknownst to Bond, Miss Moneypenny had decided to finally give in to her love for this special spy and surprise him in his hotel room. Like the escort, she was wearing only lingerie under her trench coat, but Moneypenny was bringing love with her too.

Before she got into the lift, Miss Moneypenny decided to text 007. Using her own detection skills, she had already tracked down his room number, but she wanted him to be anticipating her when he opened the door, so she typed the message: ‘It's Moneypenny. Be right up’.

Bond's phone vibrated and he leaned away from the tempting tableau before him to scan the message. With a big gulp, he hopped up, excused himself, and ran to put on a robe. He hurried the disappointed escort into a closet, watching all six feet of her length sashay away somewhat ruefully, but the door closed just in time for a knock on the entrance to the suite.

Bond strode powerfully to the door. ‘Moneypenny!’ he beamed. ‘What brings y—‘

Before he could finish, Miss Moneypenny stepped in and kissed him, years and years of unrequited love pouring into him. His arms wrapped around her, and he picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom. As he happened by the closet, he tapped on the door with his foot. The escort cracked the door open and saw Bond and this other woman kissing. Tempted at first to join, the escort had heard the story of Miss Moneypenny before, and decided to tiptoe out. Bond then carried Moneypenny into the ensuite bathroom, giving the escort time to gather her clothes and think again about joining in before heading out into the night, sorrowfully shaking her head - thinking that Bond may no longer be a customer of hers.