Why Honey Ryder Would Make a Great Escort

Why Honey Ryder Would Make a Great Escort

When Honey Ryder comes out of the ocean in Dr. No, she shows that she has a lot of what so many men are looking for. In addition to a fabulous body, she is also a strong and independent woman. At first she is defensive around 007, because she does not know what he wants, but she makes it clear that she can take care of herself and doesn't need help from anyone.

The best thing that Honey Ryder would bring to a situation as an escort girl is her amazing figure. She is certainly not one of the ‘stick figure’ models that are apparently so popular in modern times. While she is not fat by any stretch of the imagination, she has a figure that is solid enough to provide hours of enjoyment.

The fact that Honey is so strong and self-assured shows that she would be more than a suitable match in the bedroom for any confident man. No real man wants a shrinking violet in the bedroom and her personality shows that she is anything but that. After all, Honey got revenge against a rapist by placing a black widow spider in the man's mosquito net, leading to a certain but drawn-out death.

When the story comes to an end, Bond makes sure to save Honey from her confinement after he kills Dr. No, instead of simply leaving. This shows that she has certainly made an impression on him which, given his previous form for switching from one woman to the next, means that she would impress just about anyone. As the story comes to an end, the two are making love in a boat that is being towed.

If you're going to pay someone for an evening of pleasure, then you deserve to have as much fun as possible. A woman who has gorgeous curves and will look lovely whether in a negligee or an evening gown is a must. The fact that she has immense confidence works wonders too, because a woman who is confident will encourage the man she is with to rise to those same heights as well.

It is easy to imagine a night that begins with her climbing on top of a pleasantly surprised client and taking charge of matters almost right away. As things progress and the evening goes on, it would be easy to imagine her taking things into her own hands (so to speak), ensuring that the pleasure happens over and over again. By the time the session comes to an end, it is easy to imagine that her clients are all more than satisfied, and ready to give her a call again very soon. With that in mind, it is easy to see her as an escort with a very full schedule indeed.